Local Burbank writer, Marguerite Fair is a member of Women in Film, The Los Angeles Female Playwright Imitative, The Dramatists Guild and Secretary for the Board of Trustees at the SpiritWorks Center for Spiritual Living.

To date, she has written several screenplays, three plays – one of which is ‘Your Late Mother’ worked on for two years in collaboration with actor/director Kevin Dobson. Presently she is writing her seventh book about how to be your own inspirational MasterMind, which will be published in the fall of 2015.

As a Burbank resident, she is an empowered woman of humor and experience. Marguerite will be delighting the public by showcasing her newest comidram screenplay: ‘Afterlife Dating Service’. When asked where she came up with this story, Marguerite stated: “I don’t want to live in an Afterlife where there is no dating, so with the power of the pen, I made it happen.” SpiritWorks Center seems like the perfect location to hold the reading for this high-concept story about Afterlife Dating. The SpiritWorks Center is a Modern Family Place where all are welcome. SpiritWorks also rents spaces for filming, events and meetings. The reading is free and donations for the center are accepted and appreciated.

Marguerite extends an invitation to the community as well as Producers from Warner Brothers, Universal and Paramount to attend this reading, which includes a three minute comical video promo for The Afterlife Dating Service. Date: Sunday, June 28, 2015 – Time: 2 – 4 PM – Location: The SpiritWorks Center for Spiritual Living (Activity Hall) – 260 N. Pass Avenue, Burbank, CA 91505. Additional parking available in the Von’s shopping center across from SpiritWorks.

The talented actors participating in the reading: Maray Ayres, Cal Bartlett, Roberta E. Bassin, Pamela Hill, William Joseph Hill, Bill Mendieta, Audrey Mitchell, Scott Moss, Rhoda Pell, Michael Tatlock, and Brigitte Waites.

For additional information contact Marguerite Fair via the contact page on her website:

By: Priscilla Moss, staff writer - Fair Productions


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Matches made in heaven in ‘After Life Dating Service’

Review by Bonnie Priever (Tolucan Times, Burbank)

A not so secret “guilty pleasure” of mine is visiting a psychic yearly on my birthday, in hopes of blessings from relatives now on “the other side.” Marguerite Fair-Kosciewicz takes this premise to the extreme with her new play After Life Dating Service, of which I saw a staged reading at SpiritWorks Center for Spiritual Living in Burbank.

This play has quite a clever premise: one will find his or her soulmate, if not in this lifetime, then perhaps in the world to come. Our society is unfortunately filled with so many trying to find the “right” one, the proverbial “match made in heaven,” yet all too often settling in unhappy relationships and marriages. The play gingerly touches on the once taboo subject matter of domestic abuse and financial blackmail.

Robin (Audrey Mitchell), when losing her job, comes up with an entrepreneurial idea of starting a most unique dating service, literally and desperately seeking angelic soulmates for her clients, because perhaps the grass is greener on “the other side. Such is the plot (no pun intended) written and directed by Marguerite Fair-Kosciewicz.

With an ensemble woven together as if they’ve been friends for eternity, the plot thickens, bringing disorder and detective/crime scene story intrigue, filled with kidnapping, a hostage and the griping of one’s seat suspense.

The play is a witty, insightful reenactment of Marguerite Fair’s amusing presumption that “After life the comedy and drama really begins,” just as the song from A Chorus Line: “Goodbye 12, hello 13 and now life really begins.” Actually though, to quote John Lennon, “Life (and death) happens when you’re making other plans.”

After Life Dating Service brings new hope and promise to the potential of reinvented or reincarnated love and romance.

“After Life Dating Service” is made possible by a FairProductions.Biz and Marguerite Fair-Kosciewicz who can be reached at or by calling (424)298-1745

Crowd funding promotional video for After Life Dating Service. Featuring writer/director Marguerite Fair with Cal Bartlett and Audrey Mitchell


Marguerite Fair is shooting her ten minute short for After Life Dating Service on location in Burbank, CA on October 1st and October 2'nd. The short will be showcased in Los Angeles film festivals!