Out takes  After Life Dating Service fund raiser

OBSESSIVELY YOURS - Romance in all of its glory - including pain, confusion and group stalking serves to prove that laughter leads to love where you least expect to find it. (Comedy)

THE RACIST(S) - A 68 year old woman is forced to take charge of her life when attacked by a young gay, Latino/Black Racist male in a parking lot.  (Drama)

GETTING REAL - A rich woman out of touch with reality creates fundraisers to get underprivileged dogs jeweled collars and helps the homeless by gifting them with cell phones. (Comedy/Drama)

NO DETOURS - The story about redemption for a young German boy who moves to the United States, becomes a bully and systematically destroys his life, friendships and family. (Drama)

A ten minute movie short for AfterLife Dating Service will be shot by writer/director Marguerite Fair on October 1st and 2'nd.   See it showcased  in local film festivals in Los Angeles in 2017 !WriterMarguerite@gmail.com

​SENIOR PORN - Discover the journey of self-awareness when a group of retired senior actors living in West Los Angeles decide to make a porn movie for extra cash. (Comedy)

Live Your Life Alive a Spiritual Comedy/Drama by Marguerite Fair

CLUB RIGHT - A group of hurt and tormented women choose to take revenge on the men who torment them. (Thriller)

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In Live Your Life Alive, we get to save the dogs in Venice Beach, CA

EXIT QUIETLY - An erotic and disturbing story about kidnapping and love in its rawest form; without boundaries. (Drama)

LIVE YOUR LIFE ALIVE - Sometimes it takes faith, two heaven-sent psychiatrists and a village to change our thinking and save a group of kidnapped dogs from a horrible fate. (Comedy/Drama)

Roberta's Choice by M. Fair a short to showcase Exit Quietly

Hi! My name is Marguerite Fair, Screenwriter

AFTER LIFE DATING SERVICE - We have all wondered about life after death, see the movie about dating after life. (Comedy/Drama)


Marguerite Fair - writermarguerite@gmail.com